All photography provided by Sarvic Studios

“There is hardly any facility that can accommodate the complex needs of the current artistry in Las Vegas.  The evolution of came from the “One Stop Shop” ideology where you can rehearse with a live band, practice with a choreographer in front of a mirror, design costumes upstairs, formulate scripts and storyboard, package the production via audio / video recording, and take still photographs. This facility is the answer to the needs of any established or emerging artists in Las Vegas”.  - Ron Cabildo (Owner)
— Ron Cabildo, Owner / Hand On Executive

Our OTHER Mission

To educate and share the knowledge of other professionals in their chosen field, thus creating a strong and educated community of prospective artists that can be qualified for any talent placements. The culture that is being established in this facility will enhance the ability of any aspiring artist, preparing them to meet the expectations of talent buyers, and give them a foundation through a "hands on" experience.

What We've Achieved

  • is now the "hub" for great live productions that had played in major showrooms, festivals, and lounges. The following productions below utilized our studios to its potential.